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The Lightning Thief

A single choice shall end his days

Luke Castellan
7 October
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spoilatis arma supersunt

to those who have been robbed all that is left are arms

Name: Luke Castellan
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Birthday: October 7th 1986
Class: Class of 2013
Voicemail: Here
E-mail: fh.geek@gmail.com
Room: Room 313

Half Human Hybrid//Attention Deficit...Oooh Shiny//L Is For Dyslexia//Break the Cutie//Calling the Old Man Out//Cool Sword//Parental Abandonment//Divine Parentage//Foe Yay//Freudian Excuse//Be All My Sins Remembered//Fatal Flaw//The Chosen One//Because Destiny Says So//Heroic Sacrifice

percy kate loki fleeting

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annabeth chase, avoiding prophecies, avoiding water, backbiter, being a hero, being the chosen one, camp half-blood, capture the flag, cuddling, deceiving people, grover underwood, hating apollo, hating hermes, hating just about everybody, having a cold roommate, kronos, lying to my boyfriend, nico di angelo, not being a vessel, percy jackson, stealing, sword fighting, thalia grace, video games, winged shoes