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Apartment O' Demigods | Monday Afternoon
Ψ pleased with myself
Luke wasn't much of a decorator per se, but it was kind of hard to mess up decorating for Halloween. A disorganized mess was welcome on Halloween. It made things creepier. Or something.

So basically he had gotten all of the on sale decorations (because most people had decorated weeks ago) and started putting fake cobwebs and orange lights wherever he felt like it. There might have been a glittery bat or a ghost hanging around in certain places as well. He made an effort, okay?

Now he was sitting on the couch eating the candy they were supposed to give out to trick or treaters at some point. He knew buying it early had been a bad idea.

[For that guy that also lives there if he wants!]

Φ phone
You've reached Luke. I'm off doing something of extreme importance...or playing video games. One of the two. Leave a message and I'll call you back.


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Ψ pleased with myself

Room 313 | Tuesday Morning
Φ video games listening
Luke had been on the island enough to have a hint of what was going on. While he was perpetually horny he was in no way this sexually frustrated on a normal day. He wasn't about to bother Percy about it just yet 'cause gods knew how long this would last so he was taking out his issues in other ways.

Namely by killing things. On video games, of course. He didn't kill living things. Anymore.

[For that boyfriend guy! Possibly might get NWS]

Room 313 | Thursday Evening
Ψ happy for you
Luke knew Percy well enough to know that he didn't need some grand sweeping gesture to celebrate something like Valentine's Day. He appreciated the fact that his boyfriend was content with having a Valentine's date in their room, eating pizza and watching some action movie.

Percy probably would have made fun of him if he did something more than that, now that he thought about it.

His attempt at being romantic tonight involved getting pineapple on only half their pizza. Even though pineapple was awesome.

[For the bratty boyfriend and SP]

Room 313 | Sunday Afternoon
Ψ mischief
It had been a long time coming (like really long), but Percy was moving into Luke's room after agreeing to awhile ago. Agreeing was the easy part but actually moving was a little too much for their combined laziness, apparently. They lived across the hall from each other anyway so it wasn't that big of a deal.

But they were getting around to it now. Moving three years of stuff wasn't exactly easy, but Luke used his powers when he could to make it a little less stressful. He just couldn't do it too much or else he'd fall asleep and Percy would have to do everything himself.

[For that boyfriend guy, and anyone else if they're around]

Room 313 | Tuesday Afternoon
Ψ i like you
Thanksgiving and Christmas were Luke's favorite time of year and if you think it was because it made him filled with holiday cheer you'd be wrong. It was because of the food. Best time of year for food. He couldn't actually cook any of it but he could watch Food Network and dream. Maybe he could pull off cooking a turkey...no, no that would end up with the kitchen on fire. It's better to watch the professionals do it.

One day he'd learn how to cook. Maybe.

[Door and post are open!]

Hard Rock Hotel | Orlando, FL
Ψ chatting with percy
When you had the power to go wherever you want, whenever you want like Luke did there was always the urge to get up and go, even if you had just gotten back from spending a week in Africa. The urge had struck again about a week ago so Luke had picked a destination (Universal Studios because rides named after superheroes were awesome) and grabbed his boyfriend and they headed out to Florida shortly after Homecoming. And whether they realized it or not, it had been three years since they first kissed at Homecoming their sophomore year and started seeing each other. A lot had happened since then and the fact they were together now was either a testament to how much they belonged together or it cemented the fact that they were both insane. Either one.

Okay, Universal Studios wasn't the most romantic place in the world, especially since they were doing the Halloween Horror Nights stuff now, but Luke had at least gotten a nice suite for them to stay in. It was nice to come back to after a day of rollercoasters and eating horrible food and generally acting like children. Without the whole actually being children part.

[For that guy and extreme SP. And jfc three years I cannot even]

Room 313 | Monday Morning
Ψ ponder
It was always annoying to wake up as someone else (Luke had a lot of experience in that), but after the second or third time waking up as a girl became a non-issue. He mostly stuck around his room playing video games all weekend and sleeping a lot. Which wasn't really deviating too far from what he usually did on weekends.

He had gotten up earlier than usual for a day where he didn't have class but he still hadn't managed to get to the getting out of bed portion of the day yet. He was mostly laying there thinking about Parents Weekend and how it was kind of sad that nobody, not even an annoying demon, was likely to show up. Such was the case when you were considered dead in another universe.

[Door's cracked, post is open]

Room 314 | Saturday Evening
Ψ hopeful
Today was the 18th which meant it was Percy's birthday and for once Luke was around to help him celebrate. There was a bit of guilt there when it came to their birthdays since for the past two years Percy had been there for Luke's but Luke was always off doing one thing or another when August rolled around. This year he was there and determined to make it a good birthday for his boyfriend. He got the feeling things weren't quite settled from the whole Umbridge thing and he wanted to take Percy's mind off of that. Besides, it wasn't everyday someone turned 17.

Well, except Percy would actually get two 17th birthdays due to weird timelines. Luke wasn't thinking about that, just like he wasn't thinking about what else August 18th meant to him and what it would mean to Percy when he faced Kronos for the last time.

But, again, he wasn't focusing on that now. Right now he was (lovingly) breaking into Percy's room, very purposefully wearing the hoodie that Percy had gotten him for his birthday last year. He had a cake balanced on one hand that had been iced to look like the beach and ocean (not stolen, he had commissioned the bread kid at the diner to do it), complete with seventeen candles poking out of the blue and yellow icing. Under his arm was a bag that contained the gifts Luke had acquired. The cake went on the desk and the presents were tossed lightly on the spare bed. Now all Luke had to do was light the candles and wait for the birthday boy.

[For that guy whose birthday it is!]


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